Promenade Costume Hire

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Standard terms and conditions


1)  A cash deposit is required for all items hired . The deposit will be refunded if the items are returned on time and in a good condition.

2)  All costumes and accessories are hired for the period specified (the standard hire period is 5 days unless otherwise agreed).

3)  All goods are to be returned on or before the specified day or additional charges per day will be levied and the deposit will be forfeited.

4)  Should costumes or accessories be lost or damaged the replacement value will be charged over and above the deposit.   

5)  Failure to return costumes or arrange payment for unreturned articles within 14 days from the return date specified above will be construed as theft.

6)  A minimum of R10-00 will be levied for each telephone call made to query items that are overdue.

7)  It is the customer's responsibility to see that the costumes are suitable for his/her purpose before hiring as no refunds will be made.

8)  All costumes are accepted and worn at customer's own risk.

9)  No alterations are to be made under any circumstances.

10)  Goods are not to be washed, dry cleaned or ironed.

11)  50% of the deposit will be forfeited for goods booked and cancelled at a leter date.

12)  Any collection or legal costs incurred are for the customer’s account.